SONAS Aviation is uniquely placed to provide unrivalled customer service, with absolute personalisation and a small-dedicated service team.

Peace of mind comes from predictability, certainty and confidence; owners do not like disruption, complexity or risk. Recent and on-going events in the European business aviation market are creating exceptional risks, unprecedented disruption and undesirable complexity.

We are a new corporate aircraft management company based in Ireland using the newly created “EJ” registry under an Irish Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The outstanding launch team, with complementary skills and a proven track record in their fields, will deliver unrivalled customer service, safety and operational excellence. Under the umbrella of our EASA Operating Licence, SONAS can also provide its complete range of bespoke services to private operations under the NCC regulations.  

SONAS does not seek a large fleet of aircraft; our experienced team know that providing exceptional service requires attention to detail and personalisation. The owners of long-range and ultra-long-range jets seek bespoke and tailored solutions that create a long-term relationship built on trust – this is not a commodity.

Clients should expect and deserve absolute personalisation and a small-dedicated service team will be allocated to each aircraft. A bespoke service culture with a highly effective team, clients will only deal with a small number of contacts. Integrated and seamless procedures, processes, and systems will ensure the highest levels of safety and customer service standards.


We will seek to work with clients whose objective is to build a long-term relationship with a reputable and professional management company in an exceptional jurisdiction.

Focused on lessons learned, we will create a seamless process for all elements of planning, operations and customer service. A core objective is the intensive use of technology with centralised and harmonised systems from day one.

  • The management team have an unrivalled reputation in terms of delivering a world-class safety environment and culture. They have been handpicked and selected so that each one brings a unique and separate set of skills that cover every aspect of the operation

  • Service standards will be second to none; the management team are all well-known and respected within the industry and know that key clients will follow them

  • This team have exceptional experience, reputations and motivation and know how to work together

  • The fee structure will be simple and transparent

  • Clients will benefit from any economies of scale and all costs will be passed through with no mark-up

  • Financial reporting will be completely open and accessible on-line

  • Ireland offers a simple importation and tax environment for those clients who have reputations to guard and believe in transparency, under the auspices of a strict and internationally respected tax authority – all aircraft will qualify for a zero-rated import

  • SONAS will be focused on lessons learned to create a seamless process for all elements of planning, operations and customer service

We have the team, the product, the experience and the clients to build Europe’s leading Aircraft Management Company that will be sought by discerning customers from across Europe.

The creation of SONAS is perfectly timed to capitalise on the uncertainly driven by Brexit. Ireland represents a safe, secure and predictable environment giving our clients the peace of mind and service they seek for the future.