Popular culture often portrays private aircraft charter as a luxurious extravagance. While there is no denying that it is a comfortable way to travel, the reality is far more practical. Most who fly privately do so because of the time savings, convenience, discretion, and safety that it affords them, their families and businesses.

Independent organisations have conducted numerous studies on the economic impact of private aviation on business, which have found:

  • Private aviation in Europe serves over 25,000 city pairs not connected by direct scheduled flights.

  • Across all European point-to-point flight routes operated by commercial airlines, private flights save an average of 127 minutes (205 minutes for London departures) per one-way flight.

  • About 20 percent of all private flights result in over five hours saved compared with scheduled long-haul flights.

  • For multi-destination business itineraries (where more than one location is visited in a given day), European businesses saved approximately €15m in avoided overnight hotel costs.

  • On average, the productive working time for each employee is increased by 153 minutes per day.

Charter & Leasing Services

We recognise that no two of our customers are the same, and we do not believe in one-size-fits-all service offerings. SONAS provides a range of options to meet the diverse requirements of our diverse clientele, and we can further tailor them to meet highly specific individual needs.

We can source virtually any aircraft size and type from anywhere across the globe to maximise flexibility, convenience, and value. And we make the booking process as swift and comfortable as the aircraft itself.

At SONAS, we do not consider call-centres or on-line booking platforms to be acceptable substitutes for highly competent and experienced people. That is why, whether you fly with us once for a special occasion or regularly for business, you will deal with your own dedicated account manager. Think of them as your Aviation PA.

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