We have identified a unique opportunity to provide a solid solution for aircraft owners by creating an Irish Corporate Aircraft Management Company, using the newly formed Irish EJ registry, and an Irish Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

Existing business jet friendly jurisdictions such as Malta are already at maximum capacity for growth, and others such as France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, etc. have complex requirements and little appetite for accommodating the business jet sector. The UK may not be a viable option for clients seeking free circulation in Europe, it is time for an alternative jurisdiction that restores the primary needs of European aircraft owners.

Ireland is in the EU Customs Union and corporate and private aircraft can be imported efficiently into the EU for free circulation, with transparent structures. With 60 years of aviation focus, Ireland has revolutionised aviation via the aircraft leasing business, which it dominates.

The laws of Ireland and England are very similar and have been consistently applied by the Courts over the past 500 years. Ireland will remain under the jurisdiction of the European Courts of Justice (ECJ) when the United Kingdom leaves the EU, which will give continued harmony and reliability to existing financiers and owners. 

Contracts governed by English law will be readily recognised; as the laws of England change with departure from EU regulation, Ireland will remain familiar and transparent. Ireland is a renowned and very secure jurisdiction for financiers and will be readily approved by financial lenders to corporate clients who have financed aircraft. 

Ireland host the International Registry and accordingly SONAS clients will be offered a tax efficient, legally secure option in a cohesive jurisdiction already favoured by leading financiers.

As a committed member of EASA and the European Union, Ireland will ensure all European traffic freedoms, licenses, approvals and certifications will continue which may not be the case with the UK post-Brexit.