SONAS On Demand

Designed for clients who have occasional flight requirements, SONAS On Demand provides the ultimate flexibility. SONAS can provide you with multiple aircraft options specific to the budget, passenger count, and distance of each trip with no commitment required beyond each individual flight. Your account manager will search our own aircraft and those of partner operators to source the perfect solution that combines our rigorous safety and operational standards and provides the greatest value.

By sourcing aircraft on a case-by-case basis, SONAS enables clients to benefit from the planned location of each aircraft at any given time, reducing unnecessary positioning costs where possible.

As an On Demand customer, you will always receive a personal one-to-one service from SONAS Aviation, regardless of the aircraft you choose to fly on. Your account manager will take care of all the details.

SONAS Charter Account

A SONAS Charter Account represents the most convenient, flexible and cost-effective solution for clients wishing to fly privately.

Offering all of the benefits of SONAS On Demand, the Charter Account increases the convenience of aircraft charter by removing the administrative components such as contracts and payment transfers.

With only one contract to sign at the commencement of the Charter Account, you pay a fully refundable deposit against future flights. From this point forward, you simply call or email your SONAS charter team whenever you need a flight. They will respond promptly with three aircraft options and associated all-inclusive pricing. The aircraft will represent the best value and greatest flexibility based on the number of passengers and range require-ments for each trip.

Unlike traditional Jet Cards, the SONAS Charter Account requires no minimum hours, all deposits are fully refundable and there are no lock-in or expiration periods.

SONAS Block-Hour Agreement

A SONAS Block-Hour Agreement guarantees a fixed number of hours per year, based on a specific aircraft category flying out of an agreed home base.

While less flexible than a Charter Account, a Block-Hour Agreement offers you a fixed cost in advance, allowing for greater visibility over future expen-ditures. Under normal operations, you will not incur additional costs unless de-icing is required or Wi-Fi has been used.

As with a Charter Account, only a single contract is required at the start of the agreement, after which a call or email can request and confirm a trip. Some clients choose to purchase a Block-Hour Agreement for regular and specific trips, and supplement this with SONAS On Demand or SONAS Charter Account as required.


A SONAS Lease is the closest thing to full aircraft ownership, without the cost and uncertainty surrounding maintenance and depreciation.

We can arrange a fully exclusive aircraft lease in which all operational elements are handled and managed by SONAS. You may choose the type and category of the aircraft and it will be operated according to your requirements for the duration of the term.

The aircraft are scheduled and managed in the same way as privately- owned aircraft managed by SONAS Aviation and lease customers enjoy all of the same benefits as an aircraft owner.

A SONAS Lease is a suitable option for individuals or corporations that require the full flexibility of their own aircraft, one that can remain with them during periods of extensive travel, particularly in more remote parts of the world. A SONAS Lease also provides a simple solution for existing aircraft owners who may be waiting on delivery of a new aircraft or have their own aircraft in maintenance.

See our Aircraft Guide to find which aircraft SONAS can offer.